Del Monte History:

The Del Monte brand traces back to the 1880’s when a premium blend of coffee was designed by a food distributor for the Hotel Del Monte on the US Monterey peninsula. By 1892 the Del Monte brand was introduced by this same company as a line of canned peaches.

In 1899, 18 of California’s biggest canners merged to form the California Fruit Canners Association-CFCA. The Del Monte brand was one of several premium brands marketed by the new company. This company subsequently grew to operate 60 canneries throughout the US. In 1917 CFCA acquired pineapple lands and a cannery in Hawaii as well as the Philippines. As a consequence of this growth the California Packing Corporation or Calpak was formed and started marketing its products under the Del Monte brand.

After the Second World War further international facilities were constructed or purchased overseas and this multinational nature of the company made the name California Packing Corporation obsolete. In 1967 the name Del Monte Corporation was adopted. Subsequent to this Del Monte Corporation was sold to tobacco giant R J Reynolds in 1980 which was in turn acquired by Nabisco in 1983. In 1990 as a result of a massive leveraged buyout the overseas Del Monte companies were split up.

Del Monte Asia Pte Ltd:

Del Monte Asia Pte Ltd (DMA) is headquartered in Singapore and is 100% owned by Kikkoman Corporation of Japan (KC).

DMA’s territory covers all of Asia and Oceania except for:

·         Japan which is managed by KC’s domestic subsidiaries including Nippon Del Monte (NDM)

·         Philippines, Indian sub-continent & Myanmar where the trademark is owned by Del Monte Philippines Inc. which is now unrelated to DMA.

Elsewhere in the world the rights to the Del Monte trademark are held by various companies with no ownership connection with Del Monte Asia or Kikkoman, although DMA may buy Del Monte branded products from or supply to such companies.


Del Monte Asia markets a very wide range of fruit and vegetable based processed food products under the Del Monte brand within which canned tropical fruits, sweet corn, dried fruit, fruit juices and tomato ketchup are key categories. Del Monte is brand leader in several categories in certain countries in the region.

DMA is continually on the quest to widen the Del Monte product range and develop products produced by its subsidiaries for sale to 3rd parties in Asia and the West under their own brands.

DMA subsidiaries:

Siam Del Monte (SDM) Details:-

DMA is the majority shareholder (85%) in a food factory based in Trat, Thailand. This factory based in Thailand’s agricultural heartland produces processed food products in the only Tetra Recart (retortable) packaging plant in Asia. A variety of products including sweet corn, Asian sauces, fruit products, soups and many more can be packed in this revolutionary packaging. The SDM complies with Japanese standards and meets all internationally accepted food safety standards-SQF 2000, ISO 22000:2005, GMP & HACCP, BRC, IFS and is Halal accredited.

Del Monte Xiamen (DMX) Details:-

Based in Xiamen in the Fujian Province of China, DMX is a wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary of DMA (95%) and KC’s Nippon Del Monte holding the balance. This new state-of-the-art production plant manufactures tomato ketchup and other tomato based products for the domestic China market as well as export markets. Full international food safety compliance applies at this factory as well.