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The Del Monte brand goes way back to 1886 when it was first founded in the US.

For generations, it has been the premium name to trust for quality produce and a commitment to delicious, wholesome goodness from farm to table.

Our Story


A premium blend of coffee was designed by a food distributor for the Hotel Del Monte on the US Monterey peninsula.



Del Monte was used as a brand name for coffee for Hotel Del Monte.


By 1892, the Del Monte brand was introduced by this same company as a line of canned peaches.



In 1899, 18 of California’s biggest canners merged to form the California Fruit Canners Association-CFCA. The Del Monte brand was one of several premium brands marketed by the new company. This company subsequently grew to operate 60 canneries throughout the US.



CFCA acquired pineapple lands and a cannery in Hawaii as well as the Philippines. As a consequence of this growth the California Packing Corporation or Calpak was formed and started marketing its products under the Del Monte brand.



Kikkoman and Del Monte met and with Del Monte brand as a licensing business for Kikkoman. It was the commitment to quality shared by the two companies that led to a successful partnership with Del Monte, a global brand with top-level results in processed vegetables and fruit foods and sold in more than 80 countries around the world. Kikkoman caught the trend of westernization in the Japanese diet and entered the business of domestic processed tomato products. It has worked to develop the Del Monte brand, which focuses on tomato juice, vegetable juice and tomato ketchup.



After the Second World War, further international facilities were constructed or purchased overseas and this multinational nature of the company made the name California Packing Corporation obsolete. In 1967 the name Del Monte Corporation was adopted.

DM logo-HR.png


Del Monte Corporation was sold to tobacco giant R J Reynolds



Del Monte Corporation acquired by Nabisco



Kikkoman acquired the permanent trademark and marketing rights to Del Monte processed foods in Asia and Oceania. In addition to tomatoes, this acquisition made it possible to develop a wide range of products that made the most of Del Monte’s high level of processing technology for vegetables and fruits which the company is proud of. Kikkoman also established a sales office in Singapore


Kikkoman Trading Singapore started to purchase and sell Del Monte products.


2000 -

The company renamed itself Del Monte Asia. Subsequently Kikkoman went on to establish production bases in Thailand and China to strengthen Del Monte Asia’s business development in Japan and the Asia Oceania region. 

Del Monte Asia Pte Ltd (DMA) is headquartered in Singapore and is 100% owned by Kikkoman Corporation of Japan (KC).



In 2005, Siam Del Monte (SDM) was established in Thailand and begin its operations. DMA is the majority shareholder of the food factory based in Trat, Thailand.

This factory based in Thailand’s agricultural heartland produces processed food products in Tetra Recart package. 

SDM is the first factory to start production utilizing Tetra Recart package in Asia. 
A variety of products can be packed in this revolutionary packaging.

In Xiamen, Fujian, China -- the Del Monte Xiamen (DMX) office was also established in the same year. This new state-of-the-art production plant manufactures tomato ketchup and other tomato-based products for the domestic China market, as well as export markets. Full international food safety compliance applies at this factory as well.

In 2020, the Del Monte Guangzhou Trading (DMG) sales office was next to be established and begin its operations.



Del Monte is the name to trust, because we value the importance of high quality produce. It is at the centre and heart of everything we do.


Reliable quality fruit and vegetables are selected and picked at their prime from around the world. They are then put through state-of-the-art processing technology that locks away the freshness and goodness of these natural ingredients into consumer-friendly packaging.


Our fruit and vegetables can be enjoyed on any occasion by all.


Del Monte’s products are made to satisfy every single tastebud in the family, on any occasion at all!

Values & Quality


Bringing sun-filled goodness from field to table is our promise to you!


We pledge to bring a smile to your face with a ton of everyday goodness, in the same way the sun rises to bring joy and warmth to the heart and soul.


Our products are made with high-quality vegetables and fruits carefully sourced from around the world, to ensure that your daily diet will always be filled with exceptional nutrition.


Del Monte’s unyielding quest to refine its processing technologies has led to the creation of well-loved products that boast an overabundance of natural flavours and fresh ingredients.


We have always held to the promise of supporting the health and well-being of our customers' daily lives with our produce, and will continue to do so. 


Enjoy the deliciousness we have created with confidence, because our products are made with your well-being above all else.

Premium Quality
Commitment & Promises
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