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The importance of high-quality produce is central at the heart of everything we do.

Del Monte's inexorable effort to strengthen and refine process technologies, creating products from fresh ingredients that boast only natural flavours, is a testament to always placing the consumer before all else.

We are always on a continuous search for new breakthroughs in ingredient sourcing, food processing, revolutionary packaging, and food solutions. And we do so much only because we want our consumers to thoroughly enjoy what we put out — without compromising on health benefits and that treasured convenience that so many of us long for today.


Tetra Recart (or Retortable Carton), is the modern and innovative packaging and processing system for the canned food industry.

It is the first retortable carton package designed for shelf-stable food products with particles of almost any size — such as vegetables, beans, tomatoes, soups and sauces — replacing foods traditionally filled in cans, glass, jars, or pouches.

Tetra Recart products offer benefits along the value chain, such as cost efficiency, strong environmental performance, and added convenience.

Check out Del Monte's range of products in Tetra Recart format.

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Made possible with Del Monte Tetra Pak! 

The perfect packaging solution, offers easy storage and reduces wastage while delivering nutritious and delicious products.


With its compact design and efficient stacking, Tetra Pak allows for convenient storage in various settings. The airtight seal ensures product freshness and extends shelf life, minimizing food and beverage wastage.


Made from planet-friendly materials sourced responsibly, Tetra Pak prioritizes sustainability and reduces its environmental impact.


By preserving the taste and nutritional value of the contents, Del Monte Asia Tetra Pak products provides a delightful experience while promoting social responsibility and a greener future.