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*NEW* Cherry Prune Breakfast Smoothie with Chia Seeds & Raisins

Kick start your day with a healthy smoothie! Real quick and easy. Ready in10 minutes! This delicious smoothie is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins to both fill you up and give you the healthy boost to start the day.

Made with Del Monte Prune juices that’s 100% Juice with No Preservatives and No Added sugar with a rich, full-bodied prune extract.

This wholesome smoothie also contains chewy and sweet Del Monte Dried Raisins that are handpicked and sundried from California. The resealable pack makes it really convenient and easy to bring around and store after opening. Del Monte Dried Raisins are great as healthy snacks on the go too! Del Monte also offers choices of Pitted Prunes and Dried Cranberries.

Del Monte products are sold in major supermarkets in Singapore and available online via Redmart.



  1. Cut banana into slices.

  2. Remove the cherry seeds.

  3. Freeze the banana and cherry until the next day.

  4. On the next day, put all the ingredients into a blender and blend it well.

  5. Add your choice of toppings on the top and enjoy!


Use a bamboo straw to remove the seed/ pits in the cherries (watch video)


Choose from Del Monte range of Prune Juices;

Del Monte Prune Juice (original)

Del Monte Prune Juice Enriched with Vitamins A, C, E

Del Monte Prune Juice Enriched with Calcium & Folic Acid


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