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*NEW* Hearty Japanese-Style Rice Bento

Now that everyone is heading back to work in the office, you’ll definitely need to try this easy to pack and prepare, healthy and nutritious bento. Besides meeting one’s daily nutritional needs, this bento set is also filled with an amazing spread of tasty flavours.

Homecook @she-wan uses Del Monte's newly-launched Sardines in Miso Sauce to put her bento together. The product is made in Kyushu's Nagasaki prefecture in Japan. Made with Shinshu miso, it contains one of the most popular and widely-used condiments known for its unique flavour, wonderful aroma and taste.

Sardines are also a great source of Omega-3 and calcium, ideal for heart health too.

Del Monte's 'Made in Japan' range uses only premium Japanese sardines. This is packed in compact, convenient, easy-to-open lid cans.

The range boasts 5 different flavours -- Miso, Teriyaki, Lemon, Chilli Oil and Tomato Sauce.



  1. Cut and steam carrots, broccoli and mushrooms.

  2. Cut bell peppers into sticks.

  3. Mix rice with Del Monte miso sauce from can together with steamed mushrooms.

  4. Using a bento box, add the mixed rice to fill half of the lunchbox.

  5. Place lettuce to separate the other ingredients from the rice.

  6. Arrange the Del Monte Sardines in Miso Sauce and the rest of the ingredients into the box.

  7. Enjoy Bento-ing!

Useful Tip : You can reuse the can/tin (cling wrap the finished product) if you do not have a bento box.



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