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*New* Fruit Cocktail Sorbet

This fruit cocktail sorbet recipe requires nothing more than a can of fruit cocktail from Del Monte, a freezer, and a blender! Created by @jeanrin.yanling

All you need to do is freeze the can of fruit cocktails for at least a day. Open the can and scoop the frozen cocktails into the blender. Add a tablespoon of water and blend it! Serve immediately! (Or you can freeze for 10 minutes for an icy firm sorbet.)

Serve your guests at this Xmas gathering or during summer time! You can beat the heat with this excellent refreshing fruit cocktail sorbet which is simple to make for any occasions.



  1. Freeze the can of fruit cocktail overnight (for best results, freeze for 24 hours).

  2. Scoop the fruits into a blender and add a tbsp of water, then blend it!

  3. Serve immediately.



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