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*New* Spookiest Halloween Bagels

Have a Dippy Bagelicious Halloween with these NEW DIPS from Del Monte!

Choose from 4 different flavors: Tomato, Chili, BBQ, and Curry! A variety of popular choices which enables one to choose from.

The easy-to-open and easy-to-use squeeze bottles are life-savers! No drips and no mess and less wastage with a smaller bottle size.

Smaller bottle sizes mean less stress when buying, and you can stock different flavors all at once without worrying about not finishing the sauce.

Recipe created by @yenern88



  1. Cook an omelette.

  2. Pan-fry/air-fry the chicken patty.

  3. Slice the bagels in half.

  4. Spread the bagels with a Del Monte sauce of your choice, layering it with omelette/chicken patty/cheese. I used a cookie cutter to cut the cheese and omelette into cute Halloween shapes.

  5. Decorate with sliced olives to make eyes, mouths, etc.

These are easy and spookily cute! They will be a hit at any Halloween party, or simply make some with your little ones this Halloween.



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