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Pineapple Baked Pork Chop Rice With Pitted Prune



  • Soy Sauce 1 tbsp

  • Shaoxing wine

  • Cornstarch 1 tsp

  • Sesame Oil

  • Salt

  • Sugar a pinch


  • Del Monte Tomato Ketchup 4 tbsp

  • Sugar tsp

  • Salt a pinch


  1. Cut Sliced Pineapple, Tomato and Onion into slices. Reserve.

  2. Heat up the wok. Add rice and fry until loose. Pour egg wash and fry until dry. Hold in reserve and place into baking tray.

  3. Wash Pork Chop and wipe dry, mesh with knife back. Add marinade for 15 mins and pan fry over medium heat until browned. Reserve.

  4. Stir fry Onion and Sliced Tomato. Add Ketchup and seasoning. And Stir fry Sliced Pineapple.

  5. Place Pork Chop over fried rice. Pour (4) and add Pitted Prune. Sprinkle with Shredded Cheese. Put into preheated oven at 180ºC and bake for 15 mins.


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